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Take the hassle out of parties

Children’s Party Ideas

Various options available to help you get the best possible birthday party for your budget!

Option 1: Party kit for you to do at your home or venue - I provide items of pre-selected pottery along with paints, palettes, brushes etc for 8 to 14 children and you return it to me for glazing/firing. £8-£10 per child depending on the range selected.

Option 2: Party in your home or venue with me running it, minimum of 10 children. I would run the pottery painting plus optional games package then leave you to the food part! £11-£13 per head.

Option 3: Party in my cabin (plus under gazebo weather permitting) in Long Ditton. Suitable for 8 to 12 children with me running it. The games package (see below) would also need to be selected with this option. £13-£15 per head.

Option 4: Party at one of my local available venues, £13-£15 per head plus £40 venue hire.

Additional options:

  • Signature plate - your child and their guests all put fingerprints on a Happy Biirthday plate, I then add the names plus your child’s name on the rim plus Happy  _th Birthday! £14
  • Games package - 30 minutes of games, generally traditional party games (plus other options for ages 8+) with sweet and little prizes -£35
  • Party bags from £5 per child
  • Decorated bags to keep any that finish early busy and at the tables - i then return their pottery in the named bags - £5 total
  • Party food from £5 per child.

You are more than welcome to bring party food with you to eat once the painting is finished. The painting usually takes an hour, so if you are having food, the whole party will last for 1.5 to 2 hours. There is also the option of having it catered for you so please let me know if you would like more details on this.


Party Pottery ...

Each child can paint an item of their choice from one of our 3 party ranges. Items vary depending on availability.

Gold Party Range @ £17.00 per child... 

Moneyboxes Gold Party Range

Silver Party Range @ £15.00 per child...

Silver Party Range Animugs & Rolly Bowlys

or Bronze Party Range @ £13.00 per child...

Bronze Party Range

 We will then hand glaze and fire your party items in our kiln ready for collection. 

You can even print your Party Invitations Here!

Book a Party

To discuss or book a party, please call Michele now on

0208 398 6681 or07961960274

Parties are suitable for children 4 Years and above.