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Babies hand and foot casts

Prints and frames

Prints on plates and mugs

Babies Hands and Feet

Hand & Foot Prints on Ceramics

Bring your baby to our pavilion or arrange for a few mums to get together and we will come to you if it’s easier.  You can print your babies feet onto a piece of pottery as a gift or a beautiful keepsake.

Baby Footprints on a Mug  Baby Footprint on a Frame

Mug £12.00                       Frames £20.00

 Add your babies name and date of birth to personalise your piece even further.  We will do the footprints for you if you are not confident enough to do them yourself*  We will also paint rims on mugs, plates and frames and even write a name & age on your item for free! 

*If you would like to do the hand/footprints yourself Click Here for some guidance.

Baby Footprint on a T Pot Baby Footprints on a Clock Baby Footprints on a Latte Mug Hand & Footprints on a Heart Plate

  T-Pot £22.00           Clock £15.00           Mug £12.00      Heart Plate £18.00

Hand & Foot Casts

Baby Cast  Baby Cast in Frame

 We also make high quality, unique three dimensional casts which preserves an image of your child’s hands or feet in perfect detail forever.  It is ideal for any age. Casts come in a range of colours from you to choose from..You can have the cast framed or unframed.Prices are: single hand or foot - £25; hand and foot or 2 hands/feet - £35; 2 hands and 2 feet - £45. Framing £12 extra.

Call/text on 07961960274  to arrange a booking.